Direct ring into conference

Hello is there a way that all incomming calls will get dumped directly into a conference? ex. People call my number and instead of ringing an extention it goes directly to ext 8200 which is a conference?


i am using A@h 2.6

there are some flags with the Dial command that let you pass DTMF tones after the connection… this can probably simulate what your looking to do by having the passcode entered automatically.

not exactly what i ment. i want a way for people to dial my number and it gets routed directly into conference. nothing in the way!

anyone have any ideas?

sure, just route the call into the conference. With AMP you may have to use the incoming routing to a ‘custom’ application which would just include the conference rooms or otherwise modify the base extensions.conf file. I believe freepbx (AMP2.0) allows a conference as a destination but I haven’t tried freepbx yet. In either case, if your question is fairly specific to AAH, you would have better luck posting there.


i tried this earlier but it does not work.

5.1.1 External access to conferences

If you want dial in access to conferences you need to be add an option on one of the auto attendants for this.

First go into the Maintenance page and select Edit configs. The file you want to edit is extensions_custom.conf add these lines to the bottom of the file. Update the file and reload configs.

include => ext-meetme
exten => s,1,BackGround(enter-conf-call-number)
exten => h,1,Hangup()

Next go into setup and Create a Digital receptionist if you have not already done so. Record a main message for your receptionist. Something like “press # for a company directory or press 1 to enter a conference” click continue and Select 1 for number of menu options.

Next you will have to select an Action for this menu item. Click Custom App and type in custom-meetme,s,1 then click continue.

That should be it when you dial in you select 1 from the main menu and you will be prompted for your conference number. You can dial 7777 from and extension to simulate an incoming call.

Just a FYI, I just tried this using FreePBX 2.0.1 (yes, conferences can be destinations) and it worked like a champ. The inbound call went right into the conference.


tried it again . it just hangs up on me when i press one at the greeting.

You could try adding something like:

exten => s,1,Set(FROM_DID=s)
exten => s,n,Goto(ext-meetme,8200,1)
exten => _X.,1,Goto(ext-did,s,1)

In extensions_additional.conf under [ext-did]

That may work.


I successfully used the approach above to route a DID to the prompt for entering a conference number. However, when a user presses # after entering the conference extension they are disconnected. Is there a way to prevent this?


that would probably be with meetme flags to prevent the disconnection…

Nope, I checked extensions.conf to make sure that meet me wasn’t being initialized with the ‘p’ flag.
8200|sM is what is starting, any other thoughts?

atheimer: In answer to your question regarding the “#” sign to exit a meetme conference. I did find a solution on my setup for this. I have a conference menu context called [conferences] and I have the following under said context:

exten => s,1,Answer()
exten => s,2,MeetMe(${EXTEN}, msip)
exten => s,3,Goto(incoming,s,1)

So far it has worked like a charm. I have my main menu at the context [incoming] that prompts to either dial an extension or join a meeting. Hope this helps. I know it’s cheating, but it escapes to it just fine. So a user can exit a conference and still dial an extension.