Direct all audio in confBridge to a single device

I am wondering if there is any way to make one device (an admin) have the ability to transmit all of it’s audio to every device in the conference, but to have the audio of all other (non-admin) only heard by the admin? Essentially I don’t want the users to be able to communicate with each other, only the admin. Preferably I’d be able to use confBridge but am willing to use a different application if that would provide this functionality.

Use the option admin_toggle_mute_participants It allows an Admin to mute/unmute all non-admin participants in the conference.

Thanks ambiorixg12. The issue is, this would allow the users to hear each other while they are unmuted (I don’t want users to be able to hear each other at all) and would not allow the admin to hear the users when they are muted (I want the admin to hear audio from user devices all the time).

Use Ari Holding Bridges
Holding bridges are a special type of bridge in Asterisk. The purpose of a holding bridge is to provide a consistent way to place channels when you want the person on the other end of the channel to wait. Asterisk will mix the media to the channel depending on the type of role the channel has within the bridge. Two types of roles are supported:

participant - the default role for channels in a holding bridge. Media from the bridge is played directly to the channels; however, media from the channels is not played to any other participant.

announcer - if a channel joins a holding bridge as an announcer, the bridge will not play media to the channel. However, all media from the channel will be played to all participant channels in the bridge simultaneously

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I think this is still not right because of “Participant media is dropped”. I would need the announcer to be able to hear the audio from the participants.

In my opinion there isn’t any “ufficial” confbridge to do what you need. :sweat:
In your case I will use chanspy or extenspy in whisper mode to permit devices to talk with the admin.