Digum D40 not generate output ringing

I have a phone digium D40 with Asterisk, open source edition and analogous openvox cards

When I call from an extension from D40 (another extension in phone yealink for example) the D40 generates normal output ringing without inconvenience.

However, when called from the phone D40 to any PSTN number an analog line does not generate output ringing, but if it comes to establishing the call.

that happens only digium phones D40 (I have 04) since from other phones of other brands like yealink, this problem does not happen.

Is there any incompatibility of the IP phone on the Asterisk version I’m using, I’m trying to digitmap with parameters x.T3 , but does not solve the problem.

thanks for your help

Im not so familiar with Digium phones. But i had a customer with a similar problem. Not listening the ringing tone on outbound calls when dialing over a T1 line. I solved the problem with the progress() app, before dia().