Digium TDM22B in IBM x346 Server

i want to install digium TDM22B card (2 FXS, 2 FXO) in IBM x346 server. The problem is that there is no power port available for plugging into the card. Let me explain to you what i know about the problem. The port 1 and 2 are for connecting analog telephones and port 3 and 4 are for connecting external PSTN lines. Since i haven’t installed power into the card, so only the first two lights of the card are ON. I can connect two analog phones to the ports and they will work.

but analog phones require the voltage for ringing and this is provided by plugging in the power. And the FXO port should have been working.

i am confused. kindly help me in sorting this out.



thanks for the solution but this is a bit costly. what about the rest of the issues? My confusion. Kindly address those too…