Digium phone no audio

Wonder if anyone can give me some tips what to look for

i installed a Digium phone in my remote office. I can get it to register and make calls but am not able to get audio either direction.

I also noticed that if i use vonage on the same network it seems to interfere with the digium phone being able to make calls at all.

But even with Vonage disconnected i am unable to get audio.

The setup here is essentially comcast cable internet , motorola surfboard 6121 and a cisco E4200 router

Any help would be appreciated




Tip #1: Contact Digium’s Support for questions and issues with Digium’s products. They may be reached via telephone - +1 256 428 6000 or by opening a case - digium.com/en/users/support-create-a-case/

Tip #2: Make sure you’re on the latest firmware. Current firmware for the Digium phones is Firmware packages are downloaded from downloads.digium.com/pub/telepho … /firmware/