Digium phone presence/BLF over IAX

Hi all,

Just wondering what the right way of doing this is, or even if it’s a supported config.

I’ve 8 Asterisk 10.10-digiumphones geographically dispersed boxes all trunked using IAX. Each PBX hosts Digium D40 and D70 phones provisioned using DPMA 1.3 and firmware 1.1.3. SIP presence for each phone is handled using the DPMA auto_hint functionality. DPMA provides several handcrafted XML contacts files to each phone.

Each phone, D70 especially with it’s sidecar, shows correct presence and BLF indicators for users in the contacts XML that are hosted on the same Asterisk box but any users on one of the remote IAX-trunked boxes show no presence/status or BLF indication.

Now I figured it was a leap to far to assume IAX would handle all this by magic but I’m not actually sure how I should be doing this at all. I’ve tried simply specifiying the SIP hint @remote_hostname (eg. sip:auto_hint_extentionname@hostname.example.com) and @ipaddress but no luck. I’m assuming I need to do something clever in the dialplan of one or both servers or even create a SIP trunk just to handle hints if IAX won’t carry this info but before I start running up blind alleys, does anyone else use a configuration like this? Can it even work?

I did see a PHP script for Asterisk 1.6 that may well do what I’m after - nuitari.org/asterisk/ - but if it’s 1.6 only, I’m SOL for my current deployment of 10 :smile:

Thanks for any input.




There’s a wiki article here:
wiki.asterisk.org/wiki/display/ … MPP+PubSub

on distributed device state. Be aware that you’re venturing into a territory that few mortals have traversed.

Hi Malcolm,

Cheers for the link - hadn’t seen those. I think the main problem with my searching is that I’ve specifically been looking at SIP hints over IAX and not at the idea of a larger distributed device state system.

Shame the requirement for XMPP is Tigase as I already have an OpenFire implementation on this server :stuck_out_tongue: I might have a crack at using Openfire as it allegedly supports PubSub although the interesting twist might be that I want to auth any XMPP users against LDAP.

One thought though - there’s the alternative of using AIS but it says it should be used on LAN only, or rather low-latency networks. Without having read too deep into what AIS is or how it works, what would the definition of a low-latency network be in this case? The IAX trunks are all on decent WAN links with less than 10ms of latency in most cases so might AIS be a better option?

I’ll start my journey today and let you know if I find any bodies on the way :smile:


You probably won’t run into trouble running AIS over 10ms latent links, I wouldn’t think. Note that res_ais is being replaced by res_corosync: