Routing question?

If I have a number of phone numbers all coming thru the same sip trunk and want each number to ring a different extension is this something that I can setup through the FreePBX Gui or is this something i am going to have to do thru the config files? For some reason trying to set it up through the FreePBX Gui I can’t get the numbers to route correctly. I am using callcentric.

If your SIP trunk is allowing calls by IP address, then put the context to ext-did-custom in extensions_custom.conf and within your custom context define the phone numbers you expect. The SIP trunk should present each number differently.

exten = 123456789,1,Goto(…)
exten = 123456788,1,Goto(…)
exten = 123456787,1,Goto(…)

That should get you started.

If your SIP trunk is still using a register string, then you’ll have to look at the TO field in the SIP header to get the phone number.
Have a look at this: … sip_header

Hope this helps you,