Different between member and agent?


Could someone please explain the difference between Member and Agent in reference to queues? I’m using Asterisk 1.4.2.

I want to implement a small queue for infrequent inbound calls. I want Asterisk to ring a group of people (in round robin fashion) to answer the calls, rather than making them stay on hold. The docs for AgentCallbackLogin say that it is deprecated, but that is the type of behavior I am looking for.

Advice is appreciated.

Best, WILL

An agent is tied to the Queue and hears MOH while waiting for there next call.

A member is what you want. You can statically add a member (always in the queue) or add/remove them on demand by calling AddQueueMember.

Thanks. For the benefit of other readers, the clearest explanation I found of the two different approaches is here:


Of course, what’s confusing is that Agents are for dynamic queues (log in on the fly) and Members for static ones. (configured in the queues.conf file).
But you can code in your dialplan a dynamic approach to adding/removing Members with AddQueueMember and RemoveQueueMember.