Difference between Aastra 9112i 9133i IP Phone

Been trying to find the major difference between these phones. 9122i and 9133i. Mostly I see only the 9133i offers POE and dual Eth ports as compared to the 9112i. Outside of these two is there really any difference? (besides $40) I have a 9133i and like it but it is an expensive phone compared and I do not need the dual ethernet for passthrough nor do I need the POE. I want basically a IP SIP phone to hang in the kitchen and make calls and recieve calls as well as accept Set(__SIPADDHEADER=Alert-Info: ;info=alert-autoanswer) for intercom reasons. Will the 9122i work for this?

Thank you very much.

Thoe are just about the only major differences except that the 9133i has more function keys. I have both and there is no difference in sound quality between the two. I prefer the 9133i simply because it is PoE and I do use the builtin mini-switch.

thank you so much for your reply. I was hopeing that they were the same essentially. I do like alot of the 9133i features but I don’t need them for the simple plans for this location. Cheers!