DID to 2 line DECT base station? Anyone done it already?

Hi folks,

I need to setup a 2 line DECT base station, with 8 handsets, and would like to be able to directly inward dial from the PSTN to each handset. I’ve not purchased the DECT equipment yet, and would like to be sure it’s possible before committing my credit card. Has anyone implemented this already, or am I going to have a steep learning curve? :smile: Any recommendations?

I’ve scanned the blogs and forums but have failed to find anything.

Thanks in advance.

Chat soon.

This theoretically may work. Can you get 8 DIDs from your Telco?
And how it will be integrated with Asterisk?
Can you mention the name of that DECT device?

Hi Andrew,

Sorry, maybe DID was a bit excessive - I’ve been looking at some DECT devices that allow you to ‘secondary dial’ an extension, and I was hoping to use this feature with Asterisk.

I’d like to dial into Asterisk and then get the IVR to route calls to the correct DECT phone by dialing out a POTS port connected to the DECT basestation. Ideally I’d like to skip any IVR prompting on the DESCT basestation ang go straight to the phone.

I’ve found about 3 or 4 DECT devices via Google, but I’m after suggestions at the moment :smile:

Chat soon.

Sounds interesting.
I think the base should support selective or distinctive ring signal. If Asterisk will be able to form the specific ring pattern depending on the dialed number then the base should be able to route the call to specific handset.

Another option is to reach the base and send a single digit DTMF for specific handset.

Just found some interesting reading voip-info.org/wiki/view/Giga … ct+Dial+In