Dialing delay... strange

Over the last couple of days my Asterisk is acting strange… When I dial a number sometimes it rings the extension right away and sometimes it takes several seconds for it to start ringing.

If I look at the console and list active sip channels… I have 99 channels (and growing) to BroadVoice. I’m guessing they are channels used for registering and since there are so many it could be slowing Asterisk…

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Are there any BroadVoice users out there? What has been your experience with them?


More info. When starting asterisk from the command line, the initialization seems to stall when loading chan_sip.so

[chan_sip.so] => (Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)) <== long pause here

I also have tried to “sip reload” and have gotten messages like

“Previous SIP reload not yet done”

As the attempts to register increase, the open sip channels increase.

Anyone have any ideas…