Dial zero for Operator

I would like to be able to dial zero and get an Operator or what ever extension I designate as the operator. How can this be done ? I am running Asterisk 11

I have this in my Extensions.conf

exten => o,1,Goto(Operator,${EXTEN},1) exten => o,n,Playback(attendant) exten => o,n,Goto(default,s,1,5)

o is specific to voicemail.

exten => o,1,Goto(Operator,${EXTEN},1) changes the context and resets the priority to 1, so the next line will never be reached. If you are already in the Operator context, you will end up in a tight loop (unless Asterisk detects that error).

Your final lines seems to have an excess parameter.

Basically, attaching an operator to extension 0, in its simplest form, is no different from attaching any other device to the same extension, although, on a large site, you might want to use a queue.