Changing the 'operator' number

I’m currently working with an asterisk system that has ‘0’ go to the reception extension -


I’d like to remove this and have 0 go the the carrier operator. Do I only need to comment out this line to make this change or do I need to add something telling it to go to the carrier?


Asterisk doesn’t come with a dialplan, so we don’t know what is in the rest of your dialplan.

Thanks David.
I guess I’m really asking does Asterisk have to have a ‘0’ programmed extension? If I comment or remove this line will it just send the ‘0’ out the PRI?

That depends on what the rest of your dialplan says to do. If Asterisk isn’t told how to handle a number or a pattern of numbers, then it won’t.

Would you have an example of what the config looks like when 0 goes to the carrier operator?

For anyone else that may be looking for this -