Dial with timeout

Dear all

im new with asterisk.

im having trouble retrieving the DIALSTATUS when using dial with timeout i am always getting NOANSWER any idea how that can be solved.

exten => s,n,Dial(SIP/${called}@xxx.xxx.xxx,10,t) 
exten => s,n,NOOP(${DIALSTATUS})

Thank you,

NO ANSWER is the correct status for a timeout.

My guess is that the peer is sending status as early media, so Asterisk has no way of telling the call has failed.

thanks david for your response
this call is generated by asterisk and connected to the sip provider so do you think if i stoped early media in sip.conf would change anything.

No. It is the provider that is probably using early media and in band progress.

Is this provider one that aims at the PABX market? If so, they may want to make their system more PABX friendly. If they are really in the single IP phone market, they may not care.

it actually a gsm operator connected with E1’s to our dialogic bdn2020 that converts to Sip to asterisk .
is it possible that it may be a miss configuration in the dialogic then ?