Dial() options when user is busy?


We’re running in an office/PBX environment, with mostly Linksys/Cisco handsets (SPA540G). These are multiline handsets, so whenever a user is on a call, another inbound call to their extension shows up as a waiting call, and they can select to answer/not-answer it via the softbuttons.

But some of the users have asked if an inbound call could be sent straight to Voicemail() (i.e. the next priority in the dialplan) if they are already on another call - they don’t want the annoyance of dealing with the second call while on the first.

I think I can achieve this via the handset setup, specifically adding a Voicemail extension in the Cfwd Busy Dest: field. But before I do, is there anything in the Dial() command options set that would permit a call to ring a handset IFF they are not already on another call, and otherwise just progress through to the next priority?

I had a look at the docs and didn’t think so - I thought maybe there’s a script/macro/trick I didn’t know about…

Am grateful for any assistance,


Check the DEVICE_STATE function:

voip-info.org/wiki/view/Aste … vice_State