Diagnostics tool for asterisk


Is there any tool that i can use for diagnostics in finding out whats wrong with my asterisk?

I have 3 asterisk servers in different locations. And my voice quality is so bad, that calling from one asterisk to another is so choppy. SOmetimes caller from the outside could not hear us.

Hope someone can help me. Thanks


Mixture of wireshark and tcpdump should give you a lot of pointers.

what are the links IAX or SIP ?


connection between 3 asterisk are IAX.

im sorry, how can i get or use wireshark and tcpdump?



On your linux box type tcpdump you will soon see if it is installed ctrl + c to end.

You could use tcpdump to capture packets to a file like this;
tcpdump -s 2048 -w /root/iax.dump udp and port 4569 and host

Then import iax.dump into Wireshark

What about codecs? did you check those?

If your RTP streams cross non QoS media, such as internet, use low bandwidth codec (G729)