Building your own Asterisk server?

Hello All,

I recently posted a question regarding the Dell SC420 and its compatibility with digium products and asterisk. The reason being is I want to sell an IP PBX solution to the SME for under £2000 (5 user system).

The most expensive component is the server and I was wondering if any one would like to share there experiences with building servers for asterisk/digium hardware that do not break the bank and what components they use. I have built loads of PC’s over the years, some cheap, some expensive but have never ventured into the server arena.

I saw the following post concerning server building:,1 … 531,00.asp

Any advise would be much appreciated.



just check that you have a mirror raid for the HD
and no interupt confilct on the PCI.

That’s it.

just check that you have a mirror raid for the HD
and no interupp confilcts on the PCI.

That’s it.

Have you built a perver machoine before for asterisk, if so what components nd how stable is it?

as long as you do research on hardware longevity, performance, whether it matches your specifications and triple-verify component interoperability, by FAR the most economical way to build a server is to grab your credit card and head over to; hunting down the best price du jour for each component. if you don’t have any experience in selecting components then you should study HARD regarding each and every single component for a total of at least 20-25 hours. I know all about enterprise accountability and how the suits want a vendor to point at when it doesn’t work, but even they can be swayed if you make wise choices and make sure to pick components with thorough warranty/rma replacement.


Hello People, thanks for the replys, however I was hoping that some one could provide a list of components used? Any configurations/components people are happy with?