Dell Poweredge 2850 Molex connector

I have a Dell Poweredge 2850 and a TDM2400 Digium card. I was told that the 2850 could work if you purchased the molex connector from Dell. I have all the parts but I cannot find where to plug the molex connecter into on the motherboard or powersupply of the 2850. If anyone has experince installing asterisk on the Poweredge 2850 with the digium TDM400 or 2400 can you please explain how to get power to the card.
Thank You

have done exactly the same thing.

the molex connector is up at the front of the case, near the CDROM bay. take the top cover off and you should see it, a little square white molex connector. get an flat-4 molex extension cable and you should be able to route it through the drive casing to the wildcard…

good luck

Ok thanks for the tip. The server is at my house. I will try it out tonight when I get off work and reply back if I have any trouble.

I called Digium about this about a month ago: “You only need to add power to the TDM2400 IF you are using FXS modules” …

It does work on FXO’s without power.

That is sweet music to my ears. I am only using FXO modules. I will try it and see if it works without power. I do have pictures off all my equipment at