Delete all voicemails in mailbox

I currently have asterisk set up as an automated attendant and voicemail connected to a pbx. I have asterisk sending the voicemail to each user via email and it is also being saved to the asterisk server. Some of the users want asterisk to send an email with the voicemail attached and delete the voicemail from the asterisk server. Is there anyway to set separate configuration for different people? Also, is there a setting that will purge saved voicemails from the asterisk server after it hits a certain age?

I know that these are strange situations…any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

You can have seperate configurations for eacxh mail box one could be set to send email and and antoher be set not to . As far as deleting the emails. The only thing I can thing of would be a cron job to run at a certain time to delete all messages in the folder of each user that wanted it that way