Problems with voicemail

I want to first say that I know absolutely nothing about Asterisk or even Linux, so bear with me.

We use Asterisk for our Voicemail service to our customers and have a problem.

When a customer closes their account, their phone number is recycled back into the system. So when the next user signs up with that phone number, they have access to all of the voicemail in the system from the previous owner. I have looked in the MySQL tables and the voicemail seems to be configured for the new user (Email, pin, etc…)

Any guidance on how to fix this would be appreciated!

you didnt post what your problem is. what is going wrong ?

After User A closes his account, his phone number is released back into our system. Then User B signs up with that number he has access to all of User A’s voicemails.

What I need is when a customer closes their account, I need to be able to tell Asterisk to completely remove that user (mailbox) from the system. Voicemails and all. Can this be done entirely through MySQL?

Sorry for being unclear. I hope this is a little better. I guess it would help if I knew more about Asterisk.