Delay to hangup the FXO line

Hey guys. I note my Asterisk box have a delay of 10 or 11 secs to hangup detection.
I checked somes links and i have configure everything in the right way but it have the delay of aprox. 11 secs after the clients hangup.
But this only happen if the call is briged i Think. because if i hangup inmediatly the CLI something like

—Start ring begin —
If at this moment i hangup, the asterisk detect the hangup inmediatly but if the call is bridged (IVR answered,etc…)

I have configure the pritimers and anything have change.
I change the delay to answer the line to dial out (outbound call) i configure the pritimer=>t305,1000 and when i dial out, it take 4 seconds to say in the CLI
4 seconds after…

It have to be in this way
1 second after