Help! Fxo hangup delay

Hi everyone! I am using an ATA connected to the asterisk but when the phone in te ata hangup whithout the call answered the asterisk takes aprox. 10 secs to detect the line hangup. This is directly no usin any ISp. All is in my office Network (LAN). So, i had configures the busycount, hanguponpolarityswitch , answeronpolaritywtich, callprogress, etc. I search on Internet and everyone say ask to ISP but here in my case, i am not using any isp all ia in my local área network, so the problem is in the asterisk ir dahdi sources maybe. I read about pritimers but i am using analog card tdm400p with 3 fxo and 1 fxs port, so it will not work. Please what parameter i have to edit to make this work Well? Hope your comments. I am using the lastima versión of asterisk-, dahdi, Linux-tools,etc