Debian: explain /var/lib/asterisk/documentation requirement


After installing asterisk from Bookworm repo (on a Bookworm platform), I can see a /usr/share/asterisk/documentation directory exists but no such documentation directory exists in /var/lib/asterisk.
Of course, with this setup, you can successfully start Asterisk.

On an other Bookworm platform, I installed Asterisk from source with the same file setup ie a documentation directory (with appropriate content) in /usr/share/asterisk and no such documentation directory exists in /var/lib/asterisk.
Doing so, Asterisk consistently fails to start.
If I type "ln -s /usr/share/asterisk/documentation /var/lib/asterisk/documentation ", then Asterisk’s start consistently succeeds.

I observed the same with previous Bullseye or earlier versions but didn’t dare to ask.
I can live with this but my goal is to share the exact set of config files no matter how Asterisk was sourced (from repo ou source code) and this one is the last one I’m having issue with.

Why this difference between both ?
Does it come from a patch applied to asterisk’s source files ?
From a compilation option ?

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This sounds like an attempt by the packager to apply Linux file system standards.

It seems to me read-only data belongs in /usr/share, the only reason for putting something in /var/lib is because it is meant to be changed.

Also I think there could be even more directories with their own keywords broken out in asterisk.conf, so that more things can be kept separate from one another if you want.

From memory, after looking into asterisk Debian package, Debian patches Asterisk provided source file to implement this (ie moving read-only data into /usr/share).
A deeper look should answer original question.

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