Using Asterisk database

Hello everyone,

I changed my code like this:

exten => xxxx, 1, Answer;
exten => xxxx, n, Set (DB (test / count) = 1234)
exten => xxxx, n, Set (COUNT = $ {DB (test / count)})
exten => xxxx, n, Authenticate ($ {COUNT});

The question is how loaded the variable “test / count = 1234”. How can I now find it in MySQL in order to change it in MySQL?

Can anyone give a help?

its not stored in mysql database

Hello mudslide567,

yes, are stored in database asterisk AstDb.

I need my Asterisk to communicate with a web service, in other words, Asterisk asks a question to the Web Service and Web Service returns the answer.

Is it possible?


if you want to use Mysql db in asterisk dialplan, please visit the link