Day after: asterisk installed, how to test it?

Freshly installed Asterisk system (zaptel 1.2.9 and libpri 1.2.3) on top of CentOS 4.2. Modprobing for zaptel and wcfxo returns nothing and ztcfg correctly returns channel setup. Also zttool correctly recognizes X100P card.
But what is the next step? How to test my newly installed system, just hooking the line up to X100p and dialing doesn’t work (after couple of rings it goes straight to my voicemail box at the phone company, as it usually does).
How to test even for asterisk server (if it’s up or not)?

you’re kidding right ? did you read the sticky at the top of the User forum ?

there is a website - that has loads of help on Asterisk. there’s a freely downloadable book about Asterisk. both of these are linked to in the sticky.

if all else fails, try “make samples” in your Asterisk src directory. but you’ll need to show a bit more committment and initiative that you have already if you’re going to get anywhere near what Asterisk is capable of.

perhaps you should have looked at Trixbox/A@H instead ?

Just installing the asterisk server is not enough. YOU have to tell it what to do when a call lands on the asterisk server.

You can do it by creating a channels of your choice i.e. zap, iax, sip, or h323, and writing the dialplan.

you can define the channel in the zap.conf, iax.conf, sip.conf, or h323.conf files. you have to find these files urself becouse i dont know anything about ur OS.

after that you have to make a dialplan in the extensions.conf file. this file is located in the same directory as the channels configuration files.

you can find help on these files from

best of luck

Sorry if I offended anyone with my first post, but I really need some help, as the book “Asterisk the future of telephony” assumes TDM 400 card and not X100P that I have; thus certain config given in the book won’t work for my system (the first taste of asterisk, Echo() application doesn’t work for example). Is there a tutorial/book on setting up Asterisk specifically with X100 card? Or just a peak at the config files?
Sorry again…

if you can’t find the answers you want here or at , in a fraction of the time it would take me to enter an answer i could SSH to your box and create one for you to look at. how does that sound ?

Well, if the driver isn’t loaded, Asterisk won’t be able to access the FXO card.

Unfortunately, it’s not plug and play. You’ll have to read at least the first few chapters of O’Reilly’s Asterisk The Future Of Telephony.