Database Driven IVR Solution with Asterisk

Hi All,

Is there an Open Source Application that can be used with Asterisk to implement a customisable database driven IVR solution?

Scenerios in view;

Customers dials into the IVR system and enter their ID and password (authenticates as the case may be) and listen to updated information about them.

Customers dials into the IVR system, authenticates and update their record (if need be).

Logs, reports and statics showing detailed transactions of customers daliy, weekly, monthly and yearly with access time and CallerID(num). (e.t.c)

Any link or clue on how to achieve the following is highly appreciable.

Cheers to All.

you can write scripts to access databases and/or web services on remote machines etc in just about any scripting language (php, perl, etc) and call them from your dial plan using the AGI() command

if you are starting out and want some simple code to give you the idea, try Nerd Vittles Weather:

it is a little AGI script which ask the user for an airport code, goes to the national weather service site and gets the weather for that airport and reads it to the user. You can then play with it and connect it to databases and build more complex applications.

Thanks for the sample. can provide some more agi sample like this?