Data capture and IVR

Good Morning all.

Im currently running 4 x Asterisk server with quad E1 (120) ports (480 total ) and 1 Voip only server. Calls come in on each of the 480 lines and are forwarded over the the Voip server which plays all the prompts etc. Its done in this manner to give a single server to maintain.

I need to run some large scale data logging campaings keeping track of answers to questsion - circa 60,000 inbound calls per day.

We currently use quad-cpu SQL Server for all of our other applications and I would ideally like to populate the answers into the SQL server so they can be queries by our online web tools. Im happy to use another data servers and then write a tool to extract data from it to SQL.

However, could someone please advise how i should be populating a database from asterisk for this amount of calls. exampel call flow below:

Thank caller for calling in.
Ask them a question
Store the result in temp var
ask Question
Store the result in temp var
write completed answers, CLI,datetime etc into 1 database row.
hang up.

Many thanks.