Overlap Dialing

Hi Asterisk Geeks

-Asterisk v1.4.20 on CentOS v5.2
-10 x SNOM 370 SIP phones, firmware v7.3.4
-SIP Provider (no own PSTN gateway)

I try to implement overlap dialing. For internal and national extensions (Switzerland) it works great. My dialplan covers every extension possible:

exten => _0[2-7]XXXXXXXX,1,Dial(…)
exten => _08[123589]XXXXXXX,1,Dial(…)

(Simplified, in reality I don’t use the Dial()-command at the first step.)

But the international numbers are driving me mad. Because I don’t know the effective lenght I tried:

exten => _00.,1,Dial(…)

But asterisk sends the call to the gateway as soon as I type the third digit:

– Executing [004@xxx:xx] Dial(“SIP/xx-xxxxxxxx”, “SIP/myProvider/004”)

After a few seconds, the gateway anounces “Invalid number”.

How can I handle numbers with unknown length while using overlap dialing? Is it possible to prevent asterisk from matching the extension as soon as it is unambiguous and waits for a timeout instead?

I also tried:

exten => _00.#,1,Dial(…)

But asterisk didn’t wait for the pound key but initiated the call after the third digit like before.

Every hint is very mutch appreciated!

Markus Meier aka m2m