DAHDI and Asterisk Version

So I have installed DAHDI drivers on the asterisk server.
the dahdi_tool output is showing ok (no alarms).
I have a 1/2 T1 PRI line going into a TE121 (channels 1-12)

there is not a chan_dahadi.conf file in /etc/asterisk only a dahdi-channels.conf

I have DAHDI added to the Dial plan in extensions.conf
when I Dial out

I get this error
[Sep 2 06:08:25] WARNING[6177]: channel.c:3685 ast_request: No channel type registered for ‘DAHDI’
[Sep 2 06:08:25] WARNING[6177]: app_dial.c:1468 dial_exec_full: Unable to create channel of type ‘DAHDI’ (cause 66 - Channel not implemented)
it then dials out to my SIP provider.

Could Someone post an example chan_dahdi.conf file for me?
Also none of the Dahdi x x commands are available form the asterisk CLI…
I am very stuck… and need help… please
Thank you…

dahdi has failed to load. Look for error messages during startup. Not having a chan_dahdi.conf is probably sufficient.

There is a sample chan_dahdi.conf in the configs sub-directory of the source tree.

Once I have that file in place will i need to recompile asterisk … or just restart the service?

Read the book, I think. The comments in the file tell you what to do.

Unless you are only using dahdi-dummy, you will need to configure it.

I’ve no idea what “dahdi-channels.conf” is, unless you’ve only half installed some GUI. It won’t get used unless you do something to make it get used, and it will not get created by a normal installation of Asterisk.

ok i do have to restart asterisk… according to the chan_dahdi.config file I found on voip-info.org

Im not sure how to get the file from the source tree.
I know the old RTFM message that you are preaching. I do appreciate your help. I have the asterisk book (jarred smith). it doesnt have any dahdi stuff in it. I have only turned up 1 other pri line on asterisk … and that was using the zaptel configs and zapata. So the Dahdi changes are new to me.

Assuming that you don’t have the sources already and that you are using unmodified official versions:

where xxxxxxx is the version number

I imagine the file is similar to the zaptel one, but it should be self documenting.