D60 phone and OpenVPN how to begin?

"By default, the phone does not attempt to connect using OpenVPN. These options must be enabled."

my question is HOW?

I have the phone, and an Openvpn server to connect to, certificate files all ready to go, just need to know how to give any of that to the phone.

The wiki page, linked to, outlines the configuration options that the phone provides. Most of them are for pointing the phone at the proper configuration and cert/key files. One of them, network_default_enable_openvpn is what tells the phone to actually run the OpenVPN client when it’s booting up.

Before the phone’s going to be able to connect, it’s going to need to retrieve the configuration. It’s easiest to use the in-line method. So, create a phone configuration file, hand it the URL for the OpenVPN client configuration (w/ the in-line’d cert/key), watch it load that from the HTTPs URL. Then change the phone’s configuration file to enable OpenVPN and restart the phone.

Thanks for your reply!
If this “in-line method” is the easiest to use could you point me in the direction of a resource that explains how to perform that method?

I’m not seeing anything inside the web-portal on the phone that would allow me to change settings or upload a new configuration file.

The wiki page you linked to outlines it. There’s an example of an inline configuration file on that page.

The web ui of the phone does not provide handles for controlling the VPN capabilities of the phone.

The config handles mentioned in that page are set in the phone’s configuration file. For more about how that works, see:


The child pages of that page detail the config options available for various firmware versions.