Asterisk and OpenVPN connecting softphone via VPN

I am trying to connect remote users with OpenVPN to a local Asterisk Box.

I have everything installed, but when the softphone tries to dial I get a Proxy Auth error 407.

If anybody has any setup info to help that would be great.

try this:
except use SIP instead of IAX… does that help?

You probably have an openvpn problem… make sure that works and you can ping back and forth before you do anything else

ifconfig tun0 576 and all will be ok


I have used, and still use OpenVPN to connect SIP clients (xten/xlite) to Asterisk. I have read, that to run voice inside the tunnel it is better to have openvon running over UDP. Works for me. My 2 cents :smile:

Thanks for all of the replies. I posted a question on SjPhone Forums and was told they have a bug in the software that keeps it from working over the VPN.

Thanks for all of the replies.