Customized message recording: howto and what formats?

Hi folks -

After reading through some of the online docs, it’s still not clear to me that Asterisk will do what I have in mind. Hoping you can help.

For a small business, I’d like to set up a system which answers an 800#, has a few prompts which forward to different departments (ring the other end or go to voicemail), and has one other feature.

That feature would be the ability to enter a 4-digit (or more) login ID and password, and, if successful, record messages. The application would be for the caller to leave messages intended to be recorded for later use. Sometimes, there would only be one message, but in other cases, it would be helpful if the caller could hit a special key - #, *, or a sequence if necessary - to allow for that message to be saved and another message recording to start without having to hang up and call back.

Also, I would need for the recordings to be saved in WAV or MP3.

Can Asterisk run such a system?

Thanks for your time!

Yes, you should be able to do this. However, you will need someone with moderate to advanced Asterisk configuration skills. You should either post a job in the jobs section of the forum. My company can do this as well. Send me a PM if you are interested in getting us to do it for you.

how is it advanced ?

use the Read() app to get the PIN, then the Record() to record the messages. loop 'til done.

if you’re really not sure, post a plain-english list, in PIN 2. check PIN 3. offer choice 4. blah etc etc and someone will turn it into a context for you.