How to save dial Number

Hi everyone,
i am new in asterisk .
We are trying to use asterisk in our company system. We have to record caller phone number, Postal code which is enter by caller from keypad of their mobile or phone and lastly voice message.
My IVR is as following:
“welcome to my company. Press 1 for English and 2 for my language”
“Please enter your Postal code” //after entering 5 digit Postal code//
“Record your message after beep” //

finally i need the detail of
1.Calling time
2. Caller number
3. Postal code
4. Recorded voice message
all these record has to sync in server.

I record massage in voice mail so Calling time, Caller ID and voice are saved. but i can’t save Postal code. what do i need to do to save postal code?
thanks in advance …!

IMHO You won’t be able to push the postal-code information to the voicemail-functionality using builtin logic.
Why don’t You store all these information (probably except the recorded message itself which may reside in Your filesystem and should only be referenced from there) in a database e.g. by using func_odbc or even simply with the cdr module ?
If the postal-code is already stored to a channel variable within asterisk it’s easy to save this information along to all others You may need - the way down to voicemail is much more complicated as You will need to built ab a complete own voicemail-logic than, allowing You to export variables to the voicemail-system.

Thank u abw1oim :smile:

if AGI is very slow what about the Fast-AGI…?