Can I make use ofAsterisk?

I want to perform the following, can any Asterisk expert advise me
if this is possible or not?

I am not technical at all, please excuse me if I am not specific.

I would like to setup a phone service that help my customers to store their
voice message(s) for a very long period of time. Once the customer
join, I will issue my customer a phone number, a unique
membership number and a pin. This will allow my user to call my
telephone system using the commom or share phone number follow by
the unique membership number & pin. Once the user login, they can
record their message and once the user finish, that message will be
saved on in the computer server.

My customer should be able to listen to their message from the phone
system as well as on the web.

This is my high level requirement.


Your requirement is satisfiable by asterisk in principle.
The only thing where You need additional tools (Webserver and scripting) is replay messages via web.
If You need help with installing/configuring Your system to meet Your requirements just PM me.