Customized menu while in conference

I need to create a customized menu for all the people while they are in conference. Example, they press 2 to get to a different conference room or to a specific extention, or press # to leave the conference and get back to the main menu. How can I achive that with asterisknow?? Thx.

You could start meetme conference with ‘b’ option, use AGI script to capture DTMF and perform apropriate actions. However, I believe this would be quite complicated.

I would recommend you to just give users ability to exit conference by starting conferences with ‘p’ option, which will allow user to hit ‘#’ to leave the conference and go to menu or wherever is next priority after meetme.

There’s also ‘X’ option, which looks similiar to ‘p’, but not sure what it does in fact.

You can learn more about MeetMe by reading this -> or typing ‘show application meetme’ in CLI.

Yeap, I went with the ‘p’ option so they just leave the conference and move to the next priority. Still need to get more familiar with the ‘X’ option, so maybe I could find that usefull too. Thanks anyway georgy. Appreciate it.