Custom table and configuration for Realtime PJSIP

Hi All,

I am using realtime PJSIP in my Asterisk setup. (Asterisk 15.5)
I want to have a new table in the Database which will have configurations of the SIP trunk.

Can I create a custom table in the Database and use it. Also, I have to achieve the below configuration using Database.


How can I add multiple matches for identity using Database?

I dont think that configuration you want can be done using real time, when using IP auth in realtime environment, is configured through this table

res_pjsip_endpoint_identifier_ip .
these are the option available

Configuration Option Reference

Option Name Type Default Value Regular Expression Description
endpoint String false Name of endpoint identified
match Custom false IP addresses or networks to match against.
srv_lookups Boolean yes false Perform SRV lookups for provided hostnames.
match_header String false Header/value pair to match against.
type None false Must be of type ‘identify’.

Thanks Ambiorixg for your reply.

I had one more question related to this

aors = my-trunk

For to handle this from Realtime PJSIP?

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