Implementation Realtime Database

Hello, I want to ask about realtime database implementation using mysql technology. In implementing using PJSIP, there are several tables that must be made, including the endpoint table (ps_endpoint). On the endpoint table there are several name options that do not have default such as allow, disallow, aor, auth and others. Some other name options have default values on Asterisk. Looking at the data from, should all the option names in the table be implemented as a field in the database? Is there any effect if the database implementation, for example ps_endpoints is only for the option name id, transport, auth, aor, context, disallow and allow ?

Thanks you

Yes, you should be able to have a configuration subset for your columns if you desire. Anything not defined will use the default.

That said if you’d like to not create the tables yourself you can use the alembic database migration scripts found in Asterisk. See Managing Realtime Databases with Alembic and Setting up PJSIP Realtime for more information on how to do that. Note however, using the scripts creates all tables, and column definitions currently defined. Some of which you may or may not care about for your setup.

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