Custom script needed for failover destination

This is beyond my asterisk expertise. A customer of mine needs something where if someone transfers a call to a ring group, let the failover destination be to ring back the original person who transferred the call.

If anyone knows how to get this done please email me with a price and an estimated time that this can be implemented.

My email is josephades1 at gmail dot com


Ring groups aren’t an Asterisk concept. If you want an answer for FreePBX, this is the wrong place.

There have been recent improvements in this sort of thing recently, so it is possible that Asterisk will do this on its own, as long as the transferred call really fails. However, some GUIs prematurely answer the call, making it seem to succeed.

What sort of transfer is being used? features blind, features attended, SIP blind, SIP attended, blind being simulated using SIP attended? Is this an attended transfer which is completed, by the transferror, before answer? (Digium call this a blonde transfer.)

Is the transferror local to Asterisk, or do you need caller ID to route the returned call?