Custom IVR programming (Asterisk + Cold Fusion + MySQL)

OK, newbie here…here’s where I am at:

I’ve setup AsteriskNOW and have it working with my Vitelity DID and toll-free DID. Asterisk box is behind a DSL router.

I have a few websites that reside on a hosted GoDaddy ded server.

My websites are Cold Fusion/MySQL based

I’m looking to write a few Outgoing IVR scripts that will run based on information in the database, will access said database during execution, will branch based upon customer tone inputs, then will write back to MySQL based upon customer branching and inputs.

First off I need to know, will I need Cold Fusion server installed on the Asterisk box? Secondly, is there any sort of a resource that has demo scripts to achieve the sort of result i am looking for?



You will not (and should not) have ColdFusion on your Asterisk machine. You will need to write AGI scripts on the asterisk machine to communicate out to your CF Scripts via HTTP. AGI scripts can be written in anything that can read/write from STDIO/STDERR. If you are more comfortable with Java, you could utilize FastAGI and the Asterisk-Java framework (it’s quite good).

If you went with FastAGI, you could actually have your Asterisk-Java application running on your hosted virtual machine… assuming they let you start up a JVM and listen on a TCP port. That would allow you to have local database access from your FAGI process, instead of needing to add an HTTP layer in the middle.