Menuselect is ignoring my options

I have downloaded Asterisk 13.16.0, extracted it and run ./configure, then run make menuselect.makeopts. At that point I have these lines in menuselect.makeopts:

MENUSELECT_CDR=cdr_pgsql cdr_radius cdr_tds cdr_sqlite 
MENUSELECT_CEL=cel_pgsql cel_radius cel_tds 

So far, so good. I run this command next: menuselect/menuselect --disable-category MENUSELECT_CDR --enable cdr_csv --enable cdr_odbc --enable cdr_adaptive_odbc --disable-category MENUSELECT_CEL --enable cel_odbc --enable cel_manager

I’ve disabled all the CDR and CEL modules, and then re-enabled some of them selectively. But menuselect.makeopts now contains these lines:

MENUSELECT_CDR=cdr_adaptive_odbc cdr_custom cdr_manager cdr_syslog cdr_odbc cdr_pgsql cdr_radius cdr_sqlite3_custom cdr_tds cdr_sqlite 
MENUSELECT_CEL=cel_custom cel_odbc cel_pgsql cel_radius cel_sqlite3_custom cel_tds 

Given that menuselect.makeopts is supposed to contain modules that are not to be built, why are the modules cdr_odbc, cdr_adaptive_odbc, and cel_odbc present in this file? ODBC development libraries are in place, and res_odbc is selected without a problem.

Is there something I’m missing, or is this a bug? Thanks!

(BTW I haven’t provided the full menuselect command I’m running, but these three are the only modules I’m having this problem with.)