Current-summary file for new asterisk versions 20.3.0/18.18.0


After moving from gerrit to github, when a new version is released, not clear which configuration files was changed. Also not clear which source code files changed in this release.

Before it was very easy:

                            Diffstat Results

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This is a summary of the changes to the source code that went into this
release that was generated using the diffstat utility.

b/configs/samples/amd.conf.sample | 7
b/configs/samples/asterisk.conf.sample | 11
b/configs/samples/cdr.conf.sample | 11
b/configs/samples/geolocation.conf.sample | 2
b/configs/samples/pjsip.conf.sample | 7

Is it possible to generate a similar file with a new release in github?

You can get the full diff by visiting the following link.

We’ll add that link to future ChangeLogs.
Does that work for you?

And if you want the list of files then click the “Files changed” tab and then “99 changed files” in it.

Yes, this link work for me, thank you. I see the list of changed files, and CTRL+F search for “.conf.sample”
Then I get the changed file
Previous report (“Diffstat Results”) was better/easer

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