Create bash script for mail alerts and monitoring queues

Dear all,
thank you for your time helping me.
I start to build bash script(s) for few tasks, and I’ll use log files to complete the following:

  1. when ringnoanswer for a particular operator hits count 10 for waittime > 14000 send mail alert with summary of calls
  2. per queue - exitwithtimout > 1 in any hour, then send mail alert.
  3. 7am each morning mail report showing count for each operator that was logged in the previous day (i.e. midnight to midnight from day before) with total ringnowanswer > 14000 wait time.

So I have plan to use cron tasks, and bash scripts with queue_log grep for EXITEMPTY, EXITWITHTIMEOUT, RINGNOANSWER, operator name and queue number.

Well, that is just plan for now. Please if you have any ideas, could you please share… ? May be there is easier way to do this… I have zabbix already, and data needed is there…thanks in advance

OS: CentOS
Asterisk 11.18.0