Queue Call Alerts?

Is it possible to send an email when agents on queue drops below a certain level or number of queued calls is larger than a certain level?

I suspect that I will need to script something for this to work. I believe it will have something to do with QUEUE_MEMBER_COUNT but am ensure how to use this to do what I want.

Does anyone have any experience with this function?

In the past I have scraped the output of the show queues command. But if those functions are available, you should be able to script something up fairly quickly.

Connect to the manager interface, log in, run the “Action: Queues” manager command and parse the results, and email if the value is over a certain threshold. Call that via cron every minute or so, or if you need it more often script it into a shell script to loop, or do it via cron and sleep.

Queue alerts are part of FOP, I use them to do popups when queue time goes over a defined level. This is part of the “plasma” display that I wrote for use in call centres cyber-cottage.co.uk/site/index.p … &Itemid=30