Count call waiting from script

in dialplan
same => n,set(count=${QUEUE_WAITING_COUNT(queue)})
i’m able to count queue waiting callers…
I wish i could obtain that number via a bash script…
is there a way?

You can pass the variable as an argument
same=>n,system(/path/script/ ${count} )

Thanks but i meant i wish i could get the value from external bash (or php) script…
So i can check every minute queue’s callers waiting…

You would normally use AMI for that.

thanks but should i see QUEUE_WAITING_COUNT on manager commands?

localhost*CLI> manager show commands
Action Privilege Synopsis

WaitEvent Wait for an event to occur.
QueueReset Reset queue statistics.
QueueReload Reload a queue, queues, or any sub-section of a queue o
QueueRule Queue Rules.
QueuePenalty agent,all Set the penalty for a queue member.
QueueLog agent,all Adds custom entry in queue_log.
QueuePause agent,all Makes a queue member temporarily unavailable.
QueueRemove agent,all Remove interface from queue.
QueueAdd agent,all Add interface to queue.
QueueSummary Show queue summary.
QueueStatus Show queue status.
Queues Queues.

Use queue summary.

Also, you can run dialplan functions, although I think you need a channel for that.

No you don’t see it. You can use QueueSummary or else as @ambiorixg12 tols you use system to have the value. You can write a txt file everytime a call enter or hangs to update that txt and in your script you monitor that txt.

oh well too late :stuck_out_tongue: