Cost of Asterisk

I have interest by Asterisk and a company offers me sells the server, the installation, the cards to connect me to the PSTN, but it sells the Asterisk to me and licenses of the telephones and codecs, he is correct this.


No. Asterisk and all codecs are free. Probably they sell you “Licences” that means a support or help desk. But Licences extrictly are free.

Asterisk generally is free, as are its codecs. You can download the software free of charge under the GNU GPL license from

However there are exceptions- Asterisk Business Edition (ABE) is a proprietary product from Digium based on the open-source Asterisk software. This costs about $1000 as i recall.

G.729 codec for asterisk is also a proprietary thing. G.729 codec is encumbered by various patents and royalties, and to allow asterisk to encode/decode G.729 you must pay a fee. The fee from Digium is $10/channel of concurrant coding. * can passthrough G.729 data without coding, which is free and does not use a channel (IE g.729 phone to asterisk to g.729 service provider)

There are also addon software applications for Asterisk that are not free- for example management systems, web portals, etc. As i recall, ScoopServ is one.

The cards must be manufactured so of course you have to pay for them.

hope that helps