Copying Asterisk Files

I am a fairly novice user of Asterisk. My problem is, I want to copy some files from my current Asterisk installation so I can use them on a new upgraded box. I had no issues with moving/copying over most of the directories I needed but while using WinSCP or even trying to ftp the /var/lib/asterisk directories I get permission errors. This after stopping Asterisk by the way. I even tried changing the rights on the folders but to no avail. Can someone help? I need to get this done soon.

Thanks in advance.

S’ :confused:

With what files ?

I am migrating my current system to a new box and recent version of Asterisk but that’s irrelevant. My problem is I need to copy all of the files from the /var/lib/asterisk and /var/spool/asteriskdirectories…namely, all of my prompt files and mailbox files. I can’t just re-record all my custom prompts.


Try tar/gzip’ing them up and copying over the single file and then untar/gzip them. Something like this:

Thanks! I’ll give it a try.