Cool Projects/Tricks? I want new ideas!

Here are my submissions:

  1. I have an extensive network made of a lot of wireless bridges and routers including a few solar powered so there’s a lot that can go wrong. I made a bash script (that Asterisk calls) that pings specific addresses in a specific order to find out where the problem on my network is (if there is one). It then copies the appropriate sound file onto the results file which asterisk plays. So, I just dial “net” on my phone and I get an instant answer as to what’s wrong.

  2. I’ve done the script where it downloads the weather and converts it to speech. It’s here:

Post your cool ideas!

wow, this thread really took off.

There’s a ton of fun things to do with the System() application. I’ve implemented the NWS integration, through System(), which will pull up the latest forecast, as opposed the last daily like cron does. Try this (for NWS zones, not cities):

[macro-nws] exten => s,1,System(wget -O - ${ARG1} | tail +11 | head -n-3 | sed \'s/\\./ /g\' | sed \'s/30S/thirties/g\' | sed \'s/40S/fourties/g\' | sed \'s/50S/fifties/g\' | sed \'s/60S/sixties/g\' | sed \'s/70S/seventies/g\' | sed \'s/80S/eighties/g\' | text2wave -f 8000 -o /var/lib/asterisk/sounds/forecast.wav) exten => s,n,Playback(forecast,wav) exten => s,n,Hangup()

And call, like:

exten => 98,1,Macro(nws, exten => 99,1,Macro(nws,

how about the following suggestion if you want to do something fun and useful. Write a dialplan (or web interface to control would probably be more useful) that an administrator could set up a channel to automatically be ‘monitored’ with tcpdump. Have options like turn on always if xyz channel is engaged, turn on once only next time, turn on only when xyz + abc channel are bridged, etc. Have it tag the tcpdump with the unique callid so that it can be subsequently correlated to the cdr for analysys. This would be a very useful troubleshooting tool.

have fun (shouldn’t be too hard).