Controlling the span number

I have an asterisk running production now. I am trying to setup a backup with a similar hardware setup. The asterisk has 1 E1 card with 2 TDM card.

My production setup recognise the E1 card as the first card and followed by the 2 TDM card. So the port number for the production E1 cards start from port 1 to 31.

I am trying to setup the backup asterisk to have the same configuration so that I can just copy the extension.conf from the production to the backup asterisk without modification to the port number.
However, my backup asterisk is putting the E1 card as the second card and therefore port starts from 5.
I tried moving the E1 card to a different PCI slot, it doesn’t seems to help. Am I missing something here?
Your help is appreciated.

Sorry, forgot to mention that I am using Digium TE110P and TDM cards.

I had a similar issue. I actually had a server that would randomly change the span numbers each time I rebooted the machine. I’m not sure if the TDM cards have this, but the T1 cards have a dial on them that you can set to a number from 1-9 (or possibly 0-9). Setting this (you will need a very small screwdriver) should control the order the cards get identified in. This worked for me on a machine with two T1 cards.