Multiple Quad E1 Cards - Setting Spam Timings

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Hope you can help me

We have just installed a new * node as follows;

Dell 2600 Dual Xeon 2.4ghz, 3 x Digium Quad E1s.

We have all 12 E1s connected but keep getting this issue which i am hoping is down to timing:

!! Got reject for frame xx, retransmitting frame xx now, updating n_r!

Zttools is showing that all 3 cards are syncing with Card 1 Span 1, but i think we need to have each card syncing with the PSTN provider.

Here are my settings - any ideas what I am doing wrong?




thanks for any help.


David Riches

Come on ! Someone must be running multiple Quad cards in the same box? Even if you could suggest a route to explore that would be great.



obviously not. if you want to use the telco (BT ?) for timing, then set the second parameter for each span to 1.

Thanks - thats what I have done.

However Zttools shows that Cards 0 and 2 are taking their timing from Card 1 Span 1 ( which is configured to sync with Verizon ).

Settings for spans though show that cards 0 and 2 are set to take their timing from Verizon as well , which isnt happening.

You can see from my config in the first post that i have set each 4th span ( 1st span on each card ) to sync with the network.

What i find strange is that (from what I read ) asterisk can easily scale to large capacity - I cant beleive i need to install each quad card in its own server when there is plenty of horsepower left after servicing one card.

We have 110 E1s (3300 lines) using a combination of Dialogic, Pika Technologies and Digium kit. I want to standardise with * for a couple of reasons ( versatility and more importantly, cost ) but trying to manage 25 servers is a little tiresome.

thanks anyway.



have you contacted Digium support? if anybody can tell you how to do it, it’s them. if you’re not happy with their post sales support, next time buy Sangoma. i can’t say that Sangoma cards will do what you want but i can vouch for their support. you could certainly get somebody on the phone that will tell you what you need to know.

(i’ve never had the need to call Digium support. i don’t mean to imply that it’s not as good as Sangoma’s.)