Asterisk Monitoring Tools


If im a bit voip solution provider and have hundred of customer so what tools do i need to have for my support staff to monitor my asterisk, and calls status realtime, they are not aware of using linux but wants a windows based software solution for monitoring …is there any???


other that FOP and some of the other managers out there, there isn’t much.

i ended up building my own with PHP, using the manager interface to get information about queues, active calls, and the like…it didn’t take too long to build, but parsing the data output sucks. it would be great if future versions of the manager interface could spit out CSV or XML or some other easily parsable data format, instead of just plain text.

i only spent a few days to get a system that showed me live calls, allowed me to monitor them by clicking a link, allowed me to hang them up by clicking a link, and allowed me to sign users in and out of queue. someone with better skills could probably make a very powerful web interface that would do much more than my system does.


FYI the Asterisk Manager Proxy will spit out CSV, XML and others.


thanks Scott! looks like my backburner project might have just gotten a priority boost!

off to read!

I know of someone that is developing a console that runs from windows, he’s making it a freeware. When it it completed i will post it over here for you. :wink: